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Posted on: April 29, 2014

In sunny California, there are certain activities which we are privileged to accept as part of our day to day lives thanks to the almost perfect weather year-round. Golfing tends to be a regular enjoyment here, and although you may not be aware, golf cart accidents are more common than you think.

Drive Carefully

There are often cases where plaintiffs undergo severe injuries due to hard left hand turns, whereas, in other cases, careless rollovers can result from irresponsible driving. Sometimes, the driver during the accident isn’t necessarily at fault. In certain incidents, the rollover can be due to a defective product or design, as well as road defects. These accidents are dangerous and can potentially cause permanent damage. Los Angeles attorneys Webb & Ord will represent you, making sure your are compensated for your injuries.

The Rollover/Flip

Examining the golf cart itself is the only way to enable experts to completely identify the cause of a rollover. There are three main causes when an accident occurs:

• Driver negligence
 Failing to comply with advisory or driving instruction security codes and/or operating at high speeds. When a driver handles the vehicle recklessly or while intoxicated, it is considered “driver negligence”. Many people tend to neglect the same safety laws while driving a golf cart, that they use while driving a vehicle on the roads/freeways which can result in an accident.
• Golf cart design failure
 Due to improper design during production, golf carts can often fail to operate properly causing an accident to take place. It is in the design itself rather than the assembly in which the default lies.
• Manufacturing defect
 This is comparable to design defects except for the fact that it is not relevant to every single produced golf cart. These happen because there is a flaw, like fabrication or assembly during production. When this type of defect exists, all suppliers in the chain are held liable.

We Have $30M In Results

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It is important that you know your rights as well as the accountable parties in order to be compensated for your damages. It is a matter of whether the involved parties acted recklessly and whether the designed product or roads were actually defected. Eric Webb & Eleanor Ord are established lawyers who’s main mission is to serve justice to those falling victim to unfortunate circumstances. Your claim will depend heavily on the facts and circumstances involved. That is why it is crucial that you seek legal representation in order to obtain your entitlements and secure your case without inhibiting significant details altering the outcome.