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Posted on: April 8, 2014

According to the Los Angeles Times, over 20,000 US citizens suffer from burn injuries each year, and of the death-related injuries, a staggering 85% transpire in residential accidents. Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with. She is kind to her earthly inhabitants as long as we respect her. One of her greatest elements is her fiery temper – literally. Too many people each year are falling prey to blistering flames. Nature cannot be controlled, so we as humans must tread tenderly through the atmosphere of which we thrive.

 Understanding Burn Injuries

 One of the most physically agonizing and psychologically destructive kinds of injuries that anyone can ever suffer.

 Burn injuries result in eternal physical and emotional damages. They often create severe scarring and nerve damage changing the skins natural ability to thrive. Perspiration and stimuli reaction is often altered by the damage, restricting the skins normal aptitude. Sadly, victims commonly reap the adversity following burn injuries feeling socially apprehensive due to the highly visible and extremely deformed wounds.

 There is more than one type of burn injury:

 First Degree Burns

          minor burns affecting only the outer layer of skin (the epidermis).

 Second Degree Burns

          affects the epidermis and the dermis.

 Third Degree Burns

          penetrates all three layers of skin.

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Degree Burns

          penetrates three layers of the skin, the muscle and the bone. Often fatal.

  Though all of them leave scars in one form or another, some more than others are exceptionally traumatic and devastating.

  How It Can Happen

Although the most common types of burns are from fires, it isn’t as simple as a flame and finger uniting to create an inferno bath of pain. It can manifest due to anything from fire itself to boiling water blistering your skin beyond repair, chemical reactions, hot objects, and even harsh friction.

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 Don’t let the smoke smolder! In being subjected to an injury due to fire and/or burn,  Webb & Ord attorneys at law will represent you to assess and tackle all vital deliberations which arise when representing a client with a burn injury. You can acquire various types of reimbursement including but not limited to: surgical procedures, rehabilitation, psychiatric treatment, lost wages compensation, pain and suffering, and spousal loss of consortium. Webb & Ord will be sure to examine the entirety of your claim and help you comprehend the degree of the injuries as well as the consequential damages. With twenty years practicing, and over $30,000,000.00 in results, your experienced Los Angeles attorneys will know what to do and assist you in your endeavors.

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