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Failure to Pay Overtime

Did your California employer ask you to work over 8 hours a day without paying you overtime?
Did your California employer pay you in cash?
Were you not paid for the time you spent at work waiting for a client?
Were you not paid for time when you were told to wait at the jobsite?
Were you paid below $8.00 per hour for work in California?
Were you forced to work in California without rest or meal breaks?
Did your California employer refuse to pay double time overtime?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your employer is potentially violating California’s labor laws and may be subject to penalties—and you may have the right to sue for damages.  We can help—and even if you are not a U.S. citizen.  Indeed, illegal immigrant workers are often taken advantage of because they are not well informed about the California and United States employment laws that protect their rights.

It is wrong for employers to take advantage of immigrants and to gain an unfair advantage over other employers that are properly paying their employees and abiding by the letter of the law.  If you believe you have been improperly paid by your California employer, please contact Webb & Ord for your free consultation.  We have successfully taken on some of the largest companies in the United States in wage and hour litigation before the California Superior Courts.


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