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Products Liability

Have you been injured by a product that was defectively or dangerously manufactured, designed, or did not come with a proper warning label? Webb & Ord is a law firm experienced in holding manufacturers, sellers, and distributers of dangerous products accountable for the harm these sort of product defects cause to purchasers in California.
Webb & Ord prides itself in prosecuting products liability actions that are designed at creating a safer environment for California consumers. Accordingly, Webb & Ord will also take steps to determine if the manufacturers, sellers and distributors were aware that harm to California consumers was likely to result from the product defect and/or acted with conscious disregard for the rights, safety and well-being of California consumers, and therefore a claim for punitive damages is proper. Punitive damage awards punish manufacturers, sellers and distributors for valuing money or profits above human safety, and can amount to many millions of dollars.
It is important to consider legal representation as soon as possible after your injury. Assistance is frequently needed in dealing with the insurance companies. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they have a financial incentive to pay you as little as possible when settling a products liability case. Webb & Ord’s attorneys will protect your rights, and can handle any and all communications and negotiations with the insurance companies. Since your communication with an insurance company could impact your rights and interests, it’s important to seek legal advice prior to communicating with an insurance adjuster, agreeing to a settlement offer, or providing an official statement.
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