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Taxi Accidents

Taxi Cab Accident Attorney.  

Webb & Ord’s trial attorneys regularly take on and defeat the sophisticated defenses that taxi company’s use to attempt to pay victim’s of their negligent driving as little as possible.  We will assist you in dealing with the taxi companies (and their insurance companies), obtaining the medical care you need and deserve, and all the way through trial, if necessary.  IF WE DO NOT WIN AT TRIAL, YOU DO NOT PAY OUR CONTINGENCY FEE.

It is important to consider legal representation as soon as possible after the motor vehicle collision.  Victims of taxi cab accidents are often called by insurance adjusters immediately after their accident.  Assistance is frequently needed in dealing with the insurance companies.  Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they have a financial incentive to pay you as little as possible when settling a personal injury case.  Webb & Ord’s attorneys will protect your rights, and can handle any and all communications and negotiations with the insurance companies.  Since your communication with an insurance company could impact your rights and interests, it’s important to seek legal advice prior to communicating with an insurance adjuster, agreeing to a settlement offer, or providing an official statement.

We offer free consultations.  Webb & Ord are the leading taxi cab accident attorneys in Hollywood, and located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine—easily accessible by the Los Angeles subway and bus system.  Contact the taxi cab accident attorneys at Webb & Ord today for your free consultation.

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